1. What is the Foundation ?

The Quebec Bar Foundation is a registered charity that was set up in 1978 by members of the Quebec Bar.

2. Why does the Foundation exist ?

The Foundation participates in the progress of society based on the rule of law through the advancement of legal knowledge.

3. How does the Foundation carry out its mission ?

The Foundation carries out its mission by:

  • Supporting doctrinal legal research through its grant program. Since 1982, the Foundation has distributed close to $3,040,000 for the publication of over 135 books and 145 articles;
  • Encouraging the pursuit of excellence through its legal competition that rewards authors who publish leading works. A total of $420,000 has been distributed for over 80 publications since 1984;
  • Participating in projects with the Department of Justice, universities and community organizations;
  • Informing the legal community with our conferences hosted by our experts and researchers;
  • Publishing legal guides available free of charge to legal practitioners, their clients and the general public. Over the years, thousands of copies of a dozen publications have been distributed, including close to 250,000 copies of the Legal Guide for Seniors.
4. Who benefits from the Foundation ?
  • the public benefits from the advancement of knowledge about the law and gains general knowledge by reading our publications regarding issues affecting their rights and obligations;
  • the legal community benefits from the articles, books and reports published by the Foundation and from our conferences;
  • the researchers and professors benefit from funding through the grants program;
  • the students benefit from the scolarship program during their Bar internship;
  • the community organizations in fields related to the research and publications supported by the Foundation.
5. Who funds the Foundation ?

The Foundation is able to continue its efforts due to the steadfast support of members of the legal community who:

  • pay a voluntary contribution of $25 or more every year;
  • become Governors for three years by making a $1,000 contribution;
  • participate in fundraising activities;
  • participate in our conferences;
  • volunteer their time and effort as members of the board of directors or various committees

Researchers who take advantage of the grant program and participate in the legal competition also enrich the discourse and help advance the law.

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